Types Of Adhesive Tape For Packaging

When it comes to packing your products, the quality of your cardboard box and its features are as important as the seal. That is why you must know the types of adhesive packaging tape that you have at your disposal.

With the adhesive tape (เทปกาว, which is the term in Thai), you can make sure that your packages are tightly closed and travel safely. And also, on many occasions, they will help you work on your branding and communicate specific messages to your customers.

1. Transparent Adhesive Tape

Clear duct tape, also known as polypropylene tape, is one of the most popular sealing options. It is a high adhesion seal, very resistant and durable, which withstands high temperatures very well.

Being transparent, it offers a very discreet and clean closure in the boxes, almost nonexistent. In addition, it is a very economical option and can be used with a sealer.

2. Kraft Adhesive Tape

Kraft masking tape is made, as the name suggests, from kraft paper. Being the same color as the cardboard box, it is a very elegant and discreet seal. It is almost fused with the box itself.

In addition, it has the advantage that it can be broken without the need for scissors, which is super practical.

3. Customizable Masking Tape

In addition to these more standard options, you can also customize your adhesive tape with your logo or with the message you want. Since you have to use a seal on your packaging, why not use it to do branding or to communicate with your customers?

The customizable seal is a polypropylene seal with printing in color and background to choose from white, brown or transparent.

4. Colored Masking Tape

If you want to give your cardboard boxes a unique and eye-catching look, yours are colored adhesive tapes. With them, you will be able to create very funny and perfectly identifiable packaging.

You will find it available in 4 colors: green, red, yellow and blue. It is a very resistant polypropylene seal, and also ecological, thanks to its water-based acrylic adhesive, free of solvents and other chemical additives.

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