The process of selecting a blogger to write a review is sometimes very hard. A brand needs to keep several things in mind like the number of followers, content quality and budget.

 Thus, we have an option on our website where we can help you with this task of selecting a blogger to write a review. You will only need to fill in a couple of details about your brand, your project and your budget. We will find some of the best candidates for you. The blogger can also sometimes create greeting card design (ออกแบบ การ์ด อวยพร which is the term in Thai) to make the post more attractive for the viewers. Apart from this, they can also get involved in storyboard creation services (รับ วาด สต อ รี่ บอร์ด which is the term in Thai)


An Event’ blogger is highly influential. Event bloggers get collaboration opportunities from big events, parties, movie launches, restaurant launches and any other event. Sometimes, event bloggers travel to different places in the world to promote a particular event. Event bloggers write reviews on the events that they attend. The reviews are mainly a detailed description of the event starting from food, music to the ambience. They play a huge role in promoting a particular event or festival and taking it to the next level


  • Customers relate to bloggers more than celebrities when it comes to advertisements.
  • Research shows that people check at least three reviews before purchasing a product.
  • Consumers like to know both pros and cons of a product before investing in it.
  • Reviews will suggest a brand. It will help the brand to upgrade their products and come up with new ideas and better services.
  • The review helps the brand to understand the current demands of the customers.

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