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When your infant begins eating healthy—around 4 to a half year—having snacks available is a significant hack for occupied guardians. Hungry kids while travelling can come across as a nuisance you won’t want to handle. Not exclusively would it be able to help mollify your hangry minimal when you’re in a hurry, nibbling is additionally an essential aspect of your youngster’s development. We’ve developed, rather, made a healthy snack for your kid to nibble at such times, keeping him/her busy so that you can have some peace of mind. Nutripuffs (นูทริพัพฟ์ส which is the term in Thai) is a modern source of nutrients for your infant. It also has all the essential nutrients your kid needs for his growth, therefore contributing to his/her growth. All the necessary supplements like protein, fiber, and solid fats all work together to give your kid the vitality and the nutritionhe/she needs. Luckily, taking care of your infant or baby substantial snacks in a hurry is reasonable and straightforward.

Our Product- The Nutripuff

Since eating is essential for your infant’s improvement, sweets are also something that mothers must be cautious in picking. Large amounts of unhealthy ingredients may hamper your child’s health, thus stagnating his/her growth. 

Nestlé Serie Grown Nutripuffs (is a healthy snack food chosen from quality wholegrain in 2 organic product yields that your little ones love. Melts effectively in the mouth through the preparing cycle without the utilization of seared oil and contains iron. It is the primary sweet exceptionally intended to improve biting and taking care of every single adorable baby.

The Benefits of Nutripuff

  • Reasonable for little youngsters of age more than a year to 3 years of age. 
  • Chosen from quality whole grains 
  • Melts effectively in the mouth, especially for the little ones 
  • Heat without oil 
  • With iron and vitamin B1
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