Get Rid of Fungal Toenail Infection with Painless Laser Treatment

Toenail fungal infection or Onychomycosis is caused due to dermatophyte, a kind of fungus that impacts the toenails. It infects the outer layer of the skin gradually progressing towards the toenail plate.

This fungal infection causes toenail discoloration and thickening that can be painful and discomforting. Although it is a common infection, but can spread to other nails if left untreated.  Therefore, the best way to get it cured is through toenail fungus laser treatment for which you will need to meet a podiatrist.

What is fungal toenail laser treatment?

Just like there is laser therapy for treating most medical conditions, toenail fungal infection can also be treated with laser therapy. Your podiatrist will perform a laser procedure on the infected area. The laser beams penetrate the soft tissues of the toenail which kills the fungus and also promotes the growth of new and healthy nails. Laser therapy has helped most patients get fully recovered within 6-9 months from toenail fungus problems.

The best podiatric clinic in Irvine

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The clinic uses the latest technologies, methods, and immense patient care for providing treatment for any kind of foot problem. Their goal is to provide excellent care to their patients in every stage of their diagnosis and therapy. Consider making an appointment with their podiatrist as they are serving in most parts of Orange County, California like Tustin, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, and other cities.

How is fungal toenail laser treatment beneficial?

Laser therapy for treating toenail fungal infections is highly beneficial as compared to other options. The treatment not only eradicates the fungi completely but also helps in the healthy growth of your toenails.

It is painless

The fungal infection thickens your toenail, becomes oddly shaped, and also gives out a foul odor. When you opt for laser treatment for toenail fungus, there is no need for anesthesia as it doesn’t involve surgical removal of the toenail. This means that laser therapy is painless as only strong laser beams are used for killing the fungus.

Simple procedure and quick recovery time

Laser therapy hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes depending on the severity of the infection. Unlike toenail surgery, there is no recovery time after the laser procedure. You will be able to wear normal shoes and can also walk properly.

No side effects

Laser treatment for toenail fungal problems is a completely safe and effective procedure with no side effects. The treatment involves the emission of light energy on the toenail for killing the fungi and does not damage your toenail.Toenail fungus is not only uncomfortable but also creates a hindrance in your daily activities. If you are struggling with a toenail infection, make an appointment with a good podiatrist and get rid of it once and for all with laser toenail fungus removal.

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