Important Things You Must Do After a Los Angeles Car Accident

After a car accident, who caused the crash is usually a topic of dispute. Confrontations can take place and your exchanges can be quite heated, possibly making parties say and do things they may regret later. Thus, following a collision, it is important to take a breath and just stay calm. Anger won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it may only cause issues later. But, when you calm down, you can focus on the steps to take and take appropriate action to start building your accident case. To best prove the accuracy and dependability of your account of the crash, you need the assistance of an experienced car accident lawyer in LA. Also, here are steps you must take:

Take Photos

You need proof of related details regarding the crash such as the weather conditions, the crash scene, and the position of the cars involved. Otherwise, it will be your words against the words of the other driver. To successfully recover compensation, you must be able to present more proof than your words. And photos can substantiate your observation of the crash scene. Although some information about the accident might be obvious, others may require professional analysis to determine their meaning like the skid marks’ location and direction. If you are physically able to, use your smartphone to capture images related to your case.

Speak to Witnesses

The at-fault driver may argue that they did not cause the crash. But you can easily discount this when you have a witness’s account supporting your claim. So, speak with as many witnesses as you can find after the crash and get their names and contact information. Your attorney might need to speak with them again later for more information.

Give a Statement to Law Enforcement

The police may not respond to all car accident cases. For instance, in California, drivers should report a crash to the police within 24 hours if somebody was injured or killed. Also, they must report it to the DMV within ten days if there was more than $1, 000 in property damage. 

When the police arrive, give them your account of the accident stating what you saw and experienced before the crash happened and during the collision. Ensure you stick to the facts when giving a statement because this will be included in the official police report. Also, the police officer will interview the other motorist involved and their passengers. The police report may include a conclusion on how the crash took place and who is to blame. 

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