Highlights On Risks Sun Causes The Eye

there is always ultraviolet radiation so that although it seems more necessary to protect our eyes in spring and summer, the truth is that it should be a habit that we should keep in mind all year round, especially if we do not want to suffer cataracts or macular degeneration before time. The most reasonable and practical measure is to wear lenses with dark filters that prevent the passage of solar radiation. However, there are still many people who believe that eating them is not that important or, even, who do not know well how to choose sunglasses or where to buy them to fix the eyes (แก้ตา which is the term in Thai).

We Can Classify The Risks And Eye Damage Caused By The Sun Into Two Broad Groups

  • Excessive short-term sun exposure. The damages that derive from being exposed to solar radiation without proper eye protection during a day of skiing, sailing on the high seas, walking or climbing in mountain areas are, fundamentally, conjunctivitis and burns in the cornea. Corneal burns are excruciating and cause blurred vision or temporary vision loss, as well as incredible sensitivity to light. Despite the striking of the symptoms and the alarm they cause in the patient, most of these burns in the cornea evolve well, unless they are complicated by infections or with difficulties in healing the patient.
  • In the medium and long term. Neglecting the protection of the eyes against solar radiation habitually favours the sudden appearance of cataracts, a visual disease characterized by the opacification of the lens. Also, it accelerates the wear of vital structures for the sight, such as the macula, causing macular degeneration, another degenerative disease associated with age. The macula is a region of the retina that is vital for vision and damage to this area is irreversible. For this reason, it is essential to take care that it is not damaged.
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