Video Surveillance Kit

If security is the priority in your home or business, what you need is a video surveillance kit . Today the crime rate has risen and safety has to be one of the priorities for you, both for you and for yours. Technology advances very fast, so we can have a security system that allows us to be calm in our home. A security system can also be the precise tool for your business to be in good hands.

 A video surveillance system consists of:

  • Infrared cameras for day and night, both indoor and outdoor
  • Powered Video Combo Cables
  • Camera mounts
  • DVR with hard disk to store images and remote control
  • Installation guide
  • Software CD

Setting Up A Video Surveillance

The positioning of the camcorders must be as precise as possible so that the field of view of the recording is as effective as possible. Infrared cameras allow us to have a vision of what happens both in natural light, artificial light or in full darkness. With the DVR device we can store all the images we need and also connect it to the Internet to see everything that happens in real time.

In a single-family home, for example, it would be advisable to put one camera in the main entrance and another in the back entrance or garage. On the other hand, in business, it is advisable to put a camera at the entrance and another in the area of ​​the cash register, which is one of the most sought-after places by thieves. Thanks to having an Internet connection and having suitable devices, and six power sockets (ปลั๊กไฟ 6 ช่อง which is the term in thai) we can have on our tablet or phone everything that our cameras are capturing or what they have already recorded. With the instruction manual it will be very easy to install our surveillance centre for that area that we want to be safer. The tranquillity and security that a video surveillance system can offer us is more than we can imagine.

River Scott

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