How Sage Cloud Hosting Can Help Grow Your Business

Small business and large corporations have turned to the Sage cloud hosting system for easy to use and affordable software solutions that are primarily focused on the accounting aspect of the business. While many businesses have already made the shift to the cloud-based software, there are still several others who do not see the purpose of doing so. The resistance can be due to the lack of information on what cloud hosting offers in terms of business growth.

Still looking for reasons on why using cloud-based accounting software is beneficial for your business? These examples just might convince you to give the software a try:

#1 – Easy To Access

The cloud, no matter what type of software it hosts allows users easy access to their data and files. Cloud hosting can be accessed anywhere on the planet, as long as there is an internet connection. All that’s needed are the necessary credentials and you can start working on the application right away.

Once done, professionals can log in to the system even if they are away from the office. Working from home or during your daily commute will be easy, all thanks to the Cloud.

#2 – Real-Time Updates

Worried about some of your finances being inaccurate? This becomes a thing of the past because with the Sage Cloud hosting software, all updates and changes to the data can be monitored in real time. What’s better, the changes made can be tracked to every user so hacking and theft is no longer an issue thanks to the software.

#3 – 24-Hour Customer And IT Support

Cloud hosting is done by a third-party provider that is located elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean they cannot help when needed. Most hosting providers offer 24-hour, 7 days a week customer and IT support staff to address any concerns. No matter what time it is in your part of the world, rest assured that support staff is just one call away.

Any issues will be fixed as soon as possible to ensure downtime is significantly cut back the moment your business starts using the Cloud.

#4 – Disaster Recovery

No matter how much backup of data and files you have in-house, you can never be too sure when a disaster wipes them all out. With the Cloud, files are duplicated and stored off-site so in case of any man-made disaster or a crash in your system, there are numerous updated copies that are accessible, no matter what device you use.

#5 – Security

Cloud hosting providers take security very seriously. The chances of a breach or a hack are very low because they are committed to protecting sensitive information entrusted to them. The level of digital security hosting providers use is unmatched which guarantees safety for all your data.

Relying on traditional data storage methods and accounting practices are now considered obsolete and risky. If your

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