hCG Shots: Here’s How To Do It And What Mistakes To Avoid

The hCG diet is an all-new diet/therapy that helps people shed off the pounds using the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and a strict diet plan. Just like any weight loss journey, there is a learning curve that requires some patience and perseverance. But unlike most diets, the hCG weight loss plan doesn’t involve mastering how to do a plank properly, there is a factor that tends to leave many in a panic: the hCG shots.

During the first couple of shots, a medical practitioner can assist you on how to do it correctly. But since you will need to do this every day it is more practical to learn how to do the shots yourself. Take a deep breath, you will be fine. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be administering the hCG shots like a professional in just a few days:

#1: hCG Storage

Make sure that all your injections are properly stored inside the refrigerator until you are about to take the shot. Injections that have been left outside from more than 6 hours become less potent and will affect your weight loss.

#2: Stick To A Schedule

It is highly recommended that people doing the hCG diet administer the shot first thing in the morning before starting their day. Although people who work at night can choose to take the shot at night, this will not affect the effectiveness of the therapy. The most important thing is to stick to a daily schedule, it doesn’t have to be the exact time everyday, but the timings should be close.

#3: What To Do When You Miss A Shot

There are days when life gets too busy and somehow you forget to do your daily weigh-in and take your dose of hCG. Don’t worry because the hormone stays in your system for 3 days. It best to go about your day, still following the diet plan, but do NOT give yourself a shot as soon as you remember. Wait for the next day and administer the same daily dose of hCG during your regular schedule.

#4: Preparing For The Shot

Bracing yourself for the shot will take some courage during the first couple of times, but eventually, it becomes routine. Remember to always disinfect the injection site with cotton and to do the injecting in a room without any distractions.

#5: Where To Inject Yourself

Most people get queasy when they think of needles, more so when they have to inject themselves, but it doesn’t have to be hard. The key is finding the right spot that hurts the least but is also easy to reach without any assistance. Common choices for self-injections are the belly, the thighs, the outer arm, and sometimes even the hips.

Take note that since you will inject yourself daily, you should vary the injection sites to prevent bruising.

#6: Apply Pressure And You’re Good To Go

Once the shot is done, remove the needle and quickly apply pressure using a clean piece of cotton on the spot. Leave for a minute or so and you have successfully injected yourself with hCG.

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