How to handle defective product injury cases?

Purchasing a product might lead to injuries. Sounds bizarre, right? Well, it’s true. These cases occur more than they appear, and some might be life-threatening. Dealing with any sort of defective product might lead to both minor and major injuries. We know these cases occur because companies had to be shut down in the past, and manufacturers were held liable for such cases. If a defective product injured you, you could demand compensation from the company / the manufacturer itself by hiring an attorney. To know more about such cases, you can refer to a personal injury attorney in NH.

Figuring out all the parties involved in the product distribution

The first and foremost step that one should take is to identify the chain of distributors by the hands of whom the product has been delivered to you. 

Manufacturer: Identifying the product’s manufacturer or any particular part of the product is important, as the manufacturer might vary from multinational to personal scale production. For instance, if you were injured in a bike accident because the tire was blown up, you should file a lawsuit against both the motorbike company and the tire manufacturer.

Retailer: The retailer, even though it is not the manufacturer of the product, can still be liable to the customer for selling an already defective piece of any particular commodity. Therefore, in case of injury, you can also file a lawsuit against the retailer.

What if I was not the buyer of the product?

It doesn’t matter whether you were the buyer / the original purchaser of the product, which eventually led to your injury. Anyone might have purchased the product, but if you get a degree of injury because of it, you can still file a lawsuit. For example, if you borrowed your neighbor’s car, and the battery exploded, causing injury to you. In such a case, even though you are not the original purchaser of the product, you can still file a lawsuit against both the car and the battery manufacturer.


Being a part of a defective product Injury is more common than one might think. If involved in any of such cases, the consumer should be aware of their rights and, in most cases, hire an attorney, the legal knowledge of whom will help the victim extract compensation from any part of the distribution chain of the products itself.

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