How To Wear A Polo

Men’s polo shirts (รับทำเสื้อโปโล which is the term in Thai) are a very versatile garment; they can go well in a casual, sporty or elegant style. They can be combined with jeans, dress pants, jackets, jackets and a host of other accessories.

What should not be forgotten is that some combinations work and others do not and that this sometimes depends a lot on the colours we decide to use. You must take into account that the clothes together can look good, but they do not combine only because of the colour.

Polo shirts can go outside, or inside the pants, everything will always depend on the occasion and how we want to look. These give space for countless combinations, but we will give you the most used and successful ones so that you look good at all times.


You can look great wearing layers. This style is ideal for that winter season, where you should never lose your style. We can recommend you to wear a jacket or even a jacket.

Sweatshirts are also a good match. Wear a simple one, without a hood or zipper, and you will look perfect to go out, in addition to giving a more refined style using these two garments that can be sporty, it can even work for a social gathering.


Returning to the origins of the conception of polo shirts, we have the sporty style. Something more relaxed that works well to go out daily. To be able to look great and still be comfortable.

A good option for this can be grey sports pants, like a jogger. If you go for this basic colour, you can risk a little with the prints; we already mentioned that there is a great variety and you can look for one that moulds to what you like, and that goes with the time of year.


This style is super easy to do. And polo shirts are perfect for it. This works perfectly for a date with friends, a date or a meeting where the dress code is informal but not sporty.

Combine them with jeans is an excellent option, they are a classic, and to add a touch you can wear dotted blue polo. This adds some personality to the look, and if we add a pair of sneakers, we will look great.

River Scott

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