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Privnote - send notes that will self-destruct after being read | WIREDHave you ever faced any situation when you wanted to send very important data or information to someone but you didn’t send it because you felt sending online wasn’t safe? This is quite common because online platforms are not 

a safe method to send important information. Some information can be accessed by various cyber criminals and hackers. That’s why one should be very safe while operating social media platforms and online modes of interacting. PRIVATE NOTE Web services will allow you to securely send your messages or information through a link. The link can be accessed by another person and the person can be able to read the message. 


The message you send by PRIVATE NOTE is self-destructive and once viewed by the person, it gets destroyed. This is one of the safest methods because the destroyed message is not saved anywhere and you don’t need to worry about your privacy and security. Notes are used by teams for internal communication and to share some confidential points. True to its name, a PRIVATE NOTE is private and is visible only to the person you want to share. PRIVATE NOTES make a lot of sense when you want to share something very important and private. 


Importance of using PRIVATE NOTE:

  • It is very essential to protect your sensitive data: PRIVATE NOTE will keep your data safe and secure. There is no chance of your data getting leaked or falling into wrong hands. This is because the free web service aims to provide you with good security so that it can benefit you in your workflow and can increase your productivity. You can send sensitive information while keeping the data safe. You have to write a note on Privnote and then you will get a link which is supposed to be shared with the person you want to send information to. Thus, your privacy is maintained and data remains secure.
  • To share your confidential data privately and individually: Through PRIVATE NOTE you can share your data without worries as your data will be received by the only person you want to. The data will be safely present on the browser and you just need to share the link. Therefore, there’s no concept of your data getting leaked. Your data will be shared only with the person you send the link to. Thus, the message is shared individually and securely. 
  • The PRIVATE NOTES are self-destructive: ThePRIVATE NOTES are self-destructive and get destroyed automatically once the user receives the information. The hyperlink which is sent to the other person no longer responds as the information is read by the person and thus gets destroyed automatically. The destroyed information is erased and is not saved by any software. Thus, this is a very secure platform and entirely trustworthy. 
  • PRIVATE NOTES are easy to create and get destroyed automatically: Creating PRIVATE NOTES is hassle-free and you don’t need to work hard for it. It’s just that you need to type the message and send the link. 

Due to these benefits, PRIVATE NOTE is a very convenient and secure option.

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