Misspelling Common Myths Concerning Weight Loss

Is It Bad to Lose Weight Too Quickly?Having a healthy weight is the dream of almost everyone under the sun. With your weight at healthy ranges, you lower the chances of health concerns such as heart disease. Regular exercises and diet adjustment are some measures that can help you meet your desirable body weight. The weight loss journey requires your commitment and setting realistic goals. Unfortunately, the controversies around the weight loss regime affect individuals’ emotional and mental health, making them give up the weight loss program. Fortunately, Fairfax weight loss counseling specialist shares debunked myths to help you stick to the weight loss regime.

Skipping Your Breakfast Will Help in Weight Loss

It can be tempting to fast to see whether you will cut the extra pounds. You could think that missing meals will reduce calorie intake. Nevertheless, the story is not as straightforward as you could think. Notably, when you miss breakfast, you risk having inflammatory markers in your system. Over time, this inflammation will trigger fluctuation in insulin levels leading to weight gain.

The Radical Exercise Program Is the Only Answer

Many people propagate the olden idea that extreme exercise is all you need to reduce weight. However, the reality is that successful weight loss requires small exercise adjustments that you can stick to for a long period. As a golden rule, you should remain physically active in your daily schedule. Adults should engage in fast walking for at least thirty minutes daily. The idea here is to burn more calories than you take to your body.

Slimming Pills Are Always Effective

When it comes to weight loss, you will encounter different mediation. However, not every pill you come along with will work in helping you shed extra pounds. Further, the unlicensed weight loss products in the market can contain ingredients that are harmful to your health. Therefore, getting a prescription from your healthcare provider before buying slimming pills is always important.

Obesity Is Just a Willpower

Some people claim that it is your personality that determines whether or not you will be overweight. These skeptics argue that lack of consciousness when eating is the one that triggers weight gain. The reality is that different factors contribute to weight gain. For example, medical conditions like hypothyroidism can make you gain weight. Genetic components can also predispose you to excessive body weight.

All Calories Are Equal

While all calories have similar energy content, calorie sources do not always have equal energy content. Notably, different meals follow different metabolic pathways. This instance impacts the hormones that regulate hunger in your body differently. For instance, the carb calorie does not have a similar effect as the protein calorie. Therefore, all calorie sources do not affect your body weight similarly.

Are you on your weight loss journey? Perhaps, you could be reading and hearing many things about weight loss. Some information can even impact your emotional health, thus interfering with your capacity to meet your weight loss goals. Fortunately, the above-busted myths will help you clear all controversies concerning weight loss. For example, you will understand that developing an exercise program and sticking to it will help you shed some extra pounds. Also, you will learn that not all weight loss pills you encounter are effective and safe.

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