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On the table of roulette, you will find the 6 simple chances on one side and on the other of the table. Indeed, on one side, you have Black, Even and Pass, and on the other side, you have the other 3 simple chances, Red, Odd and lack. It should be noted that if you play roulette online, the rules remain the same.

To go further, we need to talk about the staff who supervise the game and who number 4 people. The management has 3 croupiers and a table manager who supervises the games and ensures the proper functioning of the casino roulette. One of the croupiers is responsible for moving the players’ bets with his “rake”. With the poker online terpercaya you can find the best deal.

In  casino roulette, if the ball falls on the Zero, then the players who bet on one of the simple chances that we saw above have the choice between a new bet, which is called the ” in prison ” , or they can also choose to share their initial bet with the bank . In the latter case, the player therefore only recovers half of his stake.

The two different bets in case of zero:

Sharing the bet: The player collects half of his bet from the dealer.

Putting in prison: It is a new spin of roulette which will decide the fate of the player’s bet. Thus, the dealer places the bet on a special location on the play mat, and raises the roulette wheel to determine the fate of the player’s bet.

If the luck on which the player had previously bet comes out, then the player recovers the entire stake. If the ball still does not give the winning player, then the bet goes to the bank. 

English Roulette

Like roulette, English Roulette also has 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 16. The similarity does not stop there since we find the same equitable sharing of colors. 18 red boxes and 18 other black boxes. The zero boxes are green.

However, there is a maximum player limit at an English roulette table. Up to 7 players can bet on the different possible games.

  • In a Casino, players are at the end of the table or in some cases, they all stand on the same side of the table which allows the croupier and the table manager to manage the game as possible and to ensure that the rules are followed.
  • If you follow the reasoning well, and the fact that all the players must stand on the same side, you will therefore meet the other difference at the level of the table of English roulette compared to roulette.


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