Regardless of the season, the topic of sneakers does not exhaust itself and, as usual, there are those, who need good advice and we are ready to give it. It is decided to compile a small guide on how to properly care of sneakers, how to clean them and so on.

A well-groomed and protective-impregnated leather casing of a sneaker will last much longer than if it is wiped with a damp cloth once a month. Beeswax protective balms and creams will make the leather of the sneakers soft and supple (which ultimately protects against cracks on the front of the sneaker).

What should not be done during sneakers cleaning? Do not use strong chemicals. Do not clean the sole with nail polish remover; you risk removing not only dirt, but also paint.

     Washing sneakers in a washing machine is also a bad option. Firstly, there are a number of rules that must be followed. Secondly, you cannot wash sneakers that have suede inserts. Thirdly, there is always a chance that your sneakers will lose their appearance after washing.

Use wooden mold holders. Of course, plastic and more affordable analogues cope with this function, but wooden form holders are usually larger in size, they are properly designed and perfectly pull the sneakers from the inside, acting like iron for a leather case. At the same time, the advantages of wood include the function of “drawing” moisture from the leather, and soaking the shoes with a pleasant woody aroma (especially if the form holder is made of cedar) at Manhattan in Jacob Shoes Repair.

How to return whiteness to old white shoelaces? Very simple – using white putty. With very severe contaminants, you need to be patient and, if necessary, wash 2-3 times; otherwise this method shows itself perfectly in practice. Using our recommendations you will have the greatest sneakers.

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