Sending An Item To Hong Kong

There are certain issues needed to be addressed when you have to send a package. For example, checking the price of sending mail to foreign countries (ส่งจดหมายไปต่างประเทศราคา, which is the term in Thai), the sending process and a lot more. It is necessary to include crucial information like address and mobile number on the items to aid in delivery.

Custom Duties

Some products require a valid license of import before deliveries would be made. Any inquiry regarding this is normally taken to the Hong Kong Trade department. Some goods of a certain amount require a custom label which has to have the signature of the sender of the parcel and then attached to it.


There are many items prohibited from mailing to Hong Kong. Remember that you should never send a product to where it is prohibited. It would be seized by the customs. The prohibitions of a country vary and sometimes, it applies to a product which might seem ordinary. It is advisable to refer to the country’s postal authorities when you want to send item to Hong Kong (ส่งของไปฮ่องกง, which is the term in Thai) to know more from them because changes might be added to the list. They include firearms, chemical dispensers, edged weapons, liquefied gases, combustion materials, lithium batteries, toxic substances, infectious substance, radioactive materials, live animals, edible meat, paints, tobacco, paperboard, newspapers, wrapper, artworks, counterfeit postage stamps and a lot more.

Import License          

Some goods require import license to be allowed entrance. Examples of these include frozen meat, whether beef or pork, frozen poultry whether fowl, goose, turkey, except for the ones sent in for personal consumption or gifts and most not exceed a certain amount. Prohibited meat can be imported to Hong Kong only with the permission of the Department of Food and Environmental Hygiene. An animal be it living or dead can only be permitted into the country by the permission of the Agriculture and Fishery and Conservation Department.

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