The Steps To Follow To Achieve Towing

Before you make a trailer, you should find out about your car insurance. Your insurance may support the trailer of damaged or broken vehicles. If your insurance company covers this option, see if there is a minimum mileage for the breakdown assistance to move and if there is a deductible to pay the tow truck 24 hours (รถยก 24 ชั่วโมง which is the term in Thai) for your car.

Choose The Right Equipment To Tow A Car

It is important to choose the right equipment to tow a car to avoid any risk of damage to the towed car. Ropes and chains must be banned because the distance between the two cars is not maintained, and they may collide.

A tow bar must be used to move a broken down vehicle without any problem. To hitch your car, there are 3 kinds of drawbars:

The Standard Bar: It is the best known because it is easy to use. It is equipped with two hooks; each hook is attached to the ring of each car.

The Foldable Bar: It hangs both cars together. It is often used when the broken down car and the towing car are not at the same height. It is especially convenient to carry after use.

The Telescopic Bar: It allows us to manage the distance between the two cars. It offers better resistance than the foldable bar.

How To Calculate The Towable Weight For A Car

It is important to adapt the choice of the tow bar to the weight of the broken down vehicle. This weight varies depending on the car model.

  • F1 (PV) = empty weight
  • F2 (GVW or PTC) = total permissible gross weight
  • F3 (PTRA) = total permissible gross weight

To calculate the maximum towable weight of your car, you need to make a small subtraction:  F3 – F2 = maximum towable weight (in kilos)

After calculating the maximum towable load, you will be able to determine which car to choose for towing.

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