What You Need To know Before Going To Study Nursing

If you got here, it is because you are thinking about going to  study  nursing degree, let me tell you that you could be making one of the best decisions around your professional (mainly), economic and personal life, but I also want you to understand the responsibilities , challenges and obligations if you decide to apply for nursing assistant(this is the term in Thai เรียน ผู้ ช่วย พยาบาล วัน อาทิตย์) and make it your career. In this article I want to talk to you about everything related to the  degree, I want to touch on topics that help you better understand what a nurse does, as well as her activities,  and challenges that you may encounter during your professional life.

What Does It Mean To Be A Nurse

It means that you really want to help others and it implies a great responsibility. Many people come to consider the race  as a “second option” and this is something that is not recommended at all.

Study Nursing By Vocation

Unfortunately, many people continue to disparage those who decide to enroll for  nursing  assistant course(this is the term in Thai เรียน ผู้ ช่วย พยาบาล) and it is something really stupid! , I’m not looking to offend anyone. But surely if you have told someone your wishes for wanting to study this profession in  the health sector ,  the first thing they will tell you is:  «but how are you going to study for a nurse, if you have everything to be an excellent doctor» ,  «do you prefer to take care of sick people and receive orders from others? ” ,  yes, I fully understand all that, but, if we talk about the  history of nursing And if you really love this profession, don’t let yourself be carried away by what other people tell you, just follow your dreams and become a  professional nurse.

What Does a Nurse Do?

A nurse has as main activity the care and attention of the patient, as well as the assistance of the doctor in simple procedures (It can be put a bandage) to the most complex (As an open heart surgery), then ready a series of activities you can do if you decide to study nursing.

In hospitals: Many call it the main fire line, it is where the first aid is given to the sick and tests and exams are performed and they ensure the control and hygiene of the patient and medical history.

Administration and application of medications: They ensure that the patient receives their medications in a timely manner, as well as the correct doses of them, obviously I am not talking about administering the intake of an aspirin, I mean medical treatment applications that They require the strict application of a professional

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