Which Therapy Is Right for Your Child?

When choosing the right type of therapy for a child with special needs, there are different schools of thought. Some think that school based youth counseling programs are better than medical-based therapies. Both have different strengths. For example, clinical-based therapy is more individualized while school-based therapy can also provide some other benefits, such as safety training, gross motor training, and exercise programs. It’s often the most beneficial to combine the two, but since each one has its differences, it’s important to know before deciding on a therapy for your child.


Both therapies will offer individualized attention, but in different ways. With school-based therapy, therapists will asses the child’s learning, behavior, and language functions and how they impact education. Therapists can recommend appropriate education services for the most effective treatment plan. Clinical therapy can offer more specialized services, such as sensory integration, and it can also provide access to medication if needed. Specialty services help build another layer into a child’s treatment plan to see better results. Even though these two therapies are different, the combined approach is often best for a child.

Determining the Right One

It can be tough to navigate the world of therapies, since you want to make sure your child is receiving the best care possible. If you are unsure of which therapy can be right for your child, try some of these tips.

Join Support Groups: You aren’t alone in this and there are many parents who are dealing with the same issues. Support groups can give you an opportunity to talk to others who have been there before. It also helps to have a support system to help your child cope with the difficulties. It helps to talk about the different kinds of therapies, so you can see which ones other parents have tried and the benefits and disadvantages. While no two children are alike, it does help to have some additional perspective.

Keep Communication Lines Open: Moving through school based youth counseling can be a challenge, but there are departments at your kid’s school that offer resources and support. It’s important to regularly communicate with teachers. School therapists can also give you some insight on which type of therapy can benefit the child and provide invaluable advice and resources. If you are working with clinical therapists, you need to communicate with them so you know how your child is progressing and how to help him or her at home.

Always Keep Learning: You are the most influential person in the room to your child and you are the one who is speaking up for him or her and determining the right path. Ask questions and don’t stop learning about what types of treatments are available.

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