You need to learn more about decatur barbecue for gaining Mastery

Making a good barbecue can be a challenging task. Years of experience will teach you how to strike the right balance of smoke so that the flavors are incorporated in the meat but without hampering the natural flavors of the chicken. Slow cooking already imparts a different character which you must not ruin while trying to induce other flavors through the smoke. You can mitigate the risk of overpowering the rub and meat by selecting the favorite woods of oak, hickory, or pecan. It is necessary to produce the smoke from clean wood logs after creating a proper fire.

Using the smoke

There is a subtle difference between addition of the flavored rub to the smoke for enhancement and doing the same for dominating the flavor of the meat. Once you start to learn more aboutdecatur barbecue, you will understand that you must never use the smoke for inducing any one flavor dominantly. It will ruin the taste of the food for the other flavors will suppress. Keep in mind that you have to apply low heat evenly for allowing the fat to render. It will also help in imparting all the flavors.

Do it the right way

You will understand yourself that you are successful in the venture once the brisket almost melts down slowly with a tender and juicy feel. Once you learn more about decatur barbecue, you will know how to bathe the meat in good smoke and integrate the peppery-salty flavor of the rub to create the heavenly taste. It will be a sheer delight for the taste buds. Dry and tough barbecue is of mediocre quality, and the meat will lack the flavor. Then high temperature will not only make the chicken dry but will also kill the essence of all the flavors. There will be just a burnt feel, and the taste will be not at all satisfactory.

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