Cheers, No Cheers! 11 Wine Myths Debunked

You might have heard a lot of things about wine, but how much of those things are actually true? Here are 11 wine myths that you might have heard and the real truth behind them.

Screw Caps Means Bad Wine

A lot of people believe corks show that the wine is good whereas screw caps on wine bottles mean they’re cheap. However, it actually has nothing to do with the actual quality of the wine.

Dimples Mean Good Wine

If there’s a dimple on the bottom of the wine bottle, a lot of people assume the wine is good. However, that just means the manufacturer spent more on the glass bottle, which doesn’t guarantee the quality of the wine.

Good Wine is Expensive

This is totally false. You can find great quality wines at affordable prices from the best online wine retailer without spending all of your savings.

Red Wine and Cheese Go Together

A lot of cheese don’t actually go very well with red wine. In fact, dry white wines and sweet wines tend to go much better with most cheeses.

The Older, the Better

A lot of people love aging wine because they believe the flavor will be enhanced over time. While some wine would taste better aged, most wines are supposed to be consumed once they’re for sale.

Sulfites Give You Hangovers

The fact of the matter is that the alcohol gives you a hangover, not the sulfites. While some people are allergic to sulfites, they are definitely not the reason you have hangovers after a night of drinking wine.

You Can Only Eat Fish with White Wine

While this may be true for some kinds of fish, it doesn’t work for every kind of fish. The sauce and the fish itself would affect what kind of wine would suit the meal.

Red Wine and Meat Are the Best Combinations

A lot of people think of steak and wine as a match made in heaven, but other wines like Chardonnay could easily compliment the meat just as beautifully or even better.

A Spoon in the Champagne Keeps It Fizzy

There’s actually no evidence that it works, so you might as well not bother doing so. You might just feel silly in doing so, so you might as well just keep the spoons out of your glasses and bottles.

Rose Wine Tastes Better if It’s Pale

A lot of people have been drinking rose lately, and there is a lot of assumption that the paler the rose, the better it is. There are actually tons of roses that are deeper in color that taste great.

Red Wine Should Only Be Served at Room Temperature

This part can be all up to preference. Most light red wines actually taste way better chilled, especially in the summer. However, deep red wines in the winter could be perfectly fine served at room temperature.

Next time you get wine from the best online wine retailer, be sure you learn the real facts to enjoy your wine to the fullest without being fooled.

River Scott

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